Installing Mercury as a Service

You need srvany and instsrv, which come from microsoft.

Windows Server Resource kit can be downloaded and installed from:

Next, do: instsrv NameOfServiceSuchAsMercury "c:\wherever_it_is\srvany.exe"

or less verbose:

cd \program files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools

instsrv Mercury "c:\program files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\srvany.exe"


Now open registry editor, and go to:


add a key called Parameters

add a string called Application, and make that string point to the app you want to run, such as loader.exe

add a string called AppDirectory, and make that string point to the working directory folder, such as where mercury.exe and loader.exe are

Go to service settings and make it interact with desktop

Start the service

That's all

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