Add Sandcastle bits to a build machine

[Updated 2010-07-21] So I've setup a virtual build machine to run and I retrieve the project from SVN for the first time, and the build fails because the project solution has a Sandcastle project, and the build machine doesn't have it installed.  Here are the steps that need to be taken to get it to work:
  • to find the download (at least 2.6.1062.1). Install it.
  • Search for HTML Help Workshop and download and install HTMLHELP.EXE (might be included with other stuff – I didn’t need to download it on the last build box)
  • Find SHFB on codeplex (at least
  • Install Drawbridge from which is supposed to allow the automatic inclusion of up-to-date class diagrams.  Still figuring out how it works...
  • After installing everything, restart the CC.Net service, otherwise the builds will fail!
  • A NAnt build script just needs the following:
    <target name="help">
      <msbuild project="helpfile.shfbproj">
        <arg value="/property:Configuration=release" />
Now the project will build...
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