Adding a SandCastle report to a project

  • Add new project to solution, pick Visual C# / DocProject / DocProject type, call it something like <solution>_doc
  • Use the SandCastle engine
  • Choose presentation style (Visual Studio 2005?)
  • Pick the projects to be included in the SandCastle build
  • There will be .net 3.5 references in the new project, if you see the yellow triangles, just delete the references
  • In Visual Studio Build / Configuration Mgr disable build the docs in Debug mode

Read the MAML spec in SandcastleMAMLGuide.chm (in the manuals folder) to learn more about conceptual contents

Read the following if any updates (such as SandCastle patches) are occurring.  Pay specific attention to the Global Schema Cache

  • Add xml files with the .aml extension into the Help/Topics folder (make sure the Build Action is "content" in the project)
  • For every .aml file, add a row into Topics.xml in the Help/Settings folder.
In the new project menu (right-click on project), click on DocProject properties (near the bottom).  Select the Topic Designer, and click on the ellipsis button.  Select shared_content, and edit the following content items:
  • shared_content:footer
  • shared_content:copyrightText
  • feedBack_content:fb_alias
  • feedBack_content:fb_body
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