SVN and 403 Forbidden

I've been running SVN for 6 months in my shop, and another 6 months before that at a clients' site.  We've never had a problem until recently when my system started to complain of 403 forbidden when trying to commit changes.  I found other references to this problem on the web, but most solutions if there are any centres on upper/lower casing of the URL to the server. 

This is not my issue.  I don't know what my solution is, but I have a work-around to offer:  Kill the saved authentication info.  In Tortoise click on Settings, choose Saved Data in the left menu, and then press the clear button for Authentication data.  When you try to commit after that, it will ask for the authentication again, but it will commit at that point.

Now if anybody could tell me how to clear the authentication data in AnkhSVN, I'd be happy!

Update: I realize that I messed up the organization of my various projects within the SVN repository, because I have one trunk and then all the different projects underneath that. Two ramifications of this are that 1) a commit to one project causes the version numbers to increment across all projects, and 2) I'll never be able to branch a single project.

So I need to fix that one day. But I wonder if my 403 forbidden is related to that...

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