Inserting Images into a subtext blog (without LiveWriter)

To add an image into a blog is a two step process:  First you must upload the image.  You do this by clicking on the Galleries tab, select one of the Galleries on the left, browse to the image to be uploaded to the server, give an optional description, and click Add.How to upload an image

Don't have a gallery yet?  Then just add one.  Make sure that after you've added the gallery you click on the Galleries tab again, so it shows up on the left side.

The neat thing about this step is that it actually uploads the image three times.  Once is in its original size, one is a postable size, and one as a thumbnail.  You'll see this when you want to add the image to your text.  To do this, click on the Insert/Edit Image button of the editor, then click on Browse Server.  The image will be in a weird folder (I haven't yet figured out the naming reasons).  You'll see that all images start with o_, r_ and t_.  That's for original size, regular size, and tiny size (or thumbnail).   Typically  you'll want to  display the regular images.  The alternate text will display when you hover your mouse over a picture. 

Don't put your original image into the text and reduce the size fields; that will slow down the page load time.

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