Creating a VPN client

Most of this has been copied from the excellent article by S. Beatty Consulting:

To download, see

  • Install OpenVPN (redist can be found in the install directory on PowerSoft server)
  • Copy the gui executable from server bin dir into target bin directory
  • copy the following files into the config directory. 


Machine Files
Server ca.crt <serverCN>.key <serverCN>.crt ta.key dh2048.pem
Client ca.crt <clientCN>.key <clientCN>.crt ta.key
Secure, offline ca.key


  • Edit the client config file.  Get client.ovpn from sample-config and rename to <clientCN>.ovpn in the config dir.
    • remote server-addr port
    • cert clientCN.crt
    • key clientCN.key
    • ns-cert-type server
    • tls-auth ta.key 1


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