CLR Error: Day 2

7:00 I've decided to do a backup before anything else.  So I bring my USB disk in to work and fire up Ghost (which is my backup tool).  Har.  Ghost needs .NET.  So much for that idea.  Time to abort the started removal and subsequent cancel of SEP from yesterday -- it sat all night with a "1 minute to complete" message.  Now it's hung with a "Closing network connections..." message box.

7:30 I reboot the computer in safe mode.  Let's see if that helps. Nope, no difference.  Back to normal mode.

8:00 I could install .NET 1.1 now (after the reboot), and could start a backup.  Microsoft called, but I sent them off until 1 PM.



After Microsoft "played" on my computer remotely for awhile it wouldn't even reboot anymore -- and they suggested to start over and install the O/S and everything again.  They also agreed not to charge my credit card (they better not!) .  I purchased a new hard drive and kept the old one as a backup of all my stuff (in addition of the Ghost backup) + plus I increased the disk space on my laptop this way. 

Now (3 months later) everything is all running again, but withoug Symantec Endpoint Protection.  I'll try that one day on a virtual machine...


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# re: CLR Error: Day 2

left by Brad at 1/23/2008 2:29 PM Gravatar
Have you had any further luck with .net error? I am having the same issue and have been fighting it. I removed and installed .net 1.1, 1.1 service pack. 2.0 and 3.0 and re-installed. Found a few other threads that did get me anywhere either.

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left by EricT at 1/23/2008 2:35 PM Gravatar
Hey Brad. After Microsoft played with my computer some more, it was totally impossible to do anything -- in the end it wouldn't even boot anymore. They've agreed to not charge my credit-card, but I still had a dead computer. In the end I bought a new hard disk and put the old one into a caddy as back-up and started from scratch.

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left by vonBanditos at 3/28/2008 11:52 AM Gravatar
If you uninstall the "Application and Device Control" feature from Symantec Endpoint Protection then you can keep your antivirus and your programs will being to work again. You can disable this from Add/Remove programs.
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